Astronomy Section talk August

On 5 August, club member Dr Bill Rea will be presenting presenting a talk on dark matter: August meeting: Dark Matter — The Death of Modified Gravity This talk would review three lines of evidence (galaxy cluster velocity dispersion, galaxy rotation curves, and gravitational lensing) which lead astronomers… Read More

Public nights at the Observatory

Public nights are held on each clear sky (or at least partly clear) Friday evening until the end of September, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, Cawthron Atkinson Observatory, Clifton Terrace School, Atawhai, Nelson. Come along and observe the universe through our C14 telescope and our other, portable, telescopes. For the next few… Read More

Wai-iti Dark Sky Park

Congratulations to Ralph Bradley and the  ‘Top of the South Dark Sky’ committee and its online identity ‘Dark Skies Tasman’ for their five years of hard work and their success in getting the Wai-iti Recreation Reserve and Tunnicliff Forest designated New Zealand’s first ‘Dark Sky Park’. Read More

Feedback please

Covid-19 has made everyone look at the way they deliver talks and disseminate information. Local speakers will probably give talks in the usual way but many national organisations are looking at presenting lectures via Zoom or similar means. Nelson Science Society would like feedback on the types of activities you… Read More