Dr JJ Eldridge ‘Why we need exploding binary stars for life’.

Dr JJ Eldridge, Associate Professor, Dept of Physics Auckland University – a talk on  “Why we need exploding binary stars for life”
Where: NMIT, Room A211 (enter by back door off carpark)
When: Wednesday February 26th, 7.30 – 9.00 pm
Gold coin donation, No bookings needed

Over the past few years there has been a change in our understanding of how important binary stars are in our Universe. Whether from neutron star mergers, exploding white dwarfs or core-collapse supernovae, stellar explosions in binary systems are extremely important for creating the elements we depend upon for life like iron and oxygen. JJ will discuss how different exploding binaries create different elements and how we can trace their creation back through the history of the Universe. Showing how we can link the rarity of the explosion to the rarity of the element.

JJ is an active advocate for equity and inclusion in academia, especially for transgender and gender diverse people. “I study exploding binary stars while exploding the myth of a gender binary”, she says.