James Scott talk on Mars – now at the Boathouse same time same day (Thursday February 18th)

James Scott, the current Geological Society of NZ President, will be talking about ‘Just how on Earth do we know what Mars is made of?’ 
Where: The Boathouse, 326 Wakefield Quay.
When: Thursday, February 18th, 7.00 – 8.30 pm.
Gold coin donation for non-members
Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun, and there are three missions about to reach the planet. What are these missions hoping to find? What do we already know about Mars? Could there be life on the planet? Did you know that there are Martian rocks on Earth? I will talk on these topics, as well as highlight some similarities and differences of Mars with Earth. I will also bring some Martian rocks for show and tell.
Associate Professor James Scott teaches geology at the University of Otago. His research varies from determining the composition of meteorites, to studying the chemistry of Earth’s mantle, to analysing the composition of Lapita pottery.