Next Astronomy section meeting September 5th

When: Thursday September 5th, 7,30 to 9.00 pm.
Where: Cawthron Seminar Room, corner of Milton and Halifax Streets.
Gold coin donation.

Tabby’s Star – the most mysterious star in the Universe

Tabby’s Star is an F-type main-sequence star approximately 1,470 light-years from Earth.  Unusual light fluctuations of the star, including up to a 22% dimming in brightness, were discovered by citizen scientists as part of the Planet Hunters project, and it there was speculation this could be caused by a “Dyson Swarm”
Robert Rea will give a relatively brief overview of the discovery of the star and the subsequent attention by the media of the star being home to an advanced civilization.  It will be followed by a video lecture given by Dr. James Davenport, a post doctoral fellow at the Dirac Institute of the University of Washington.