NSS Heritage Month Talk: Duncan Steel on the Astronomical interests of the Atkinson family

Speaker and name of talk: Duncan Steel will be speaking on “The Wider Atkinson Family and their Astronomical Interests”.
Venue: Fairfield House, 48 Van Diemen Street, Nelson 7010
Date and time: Tuesday, 6th April. 5.30 – 6 pm: viewing of historical telescope, talk: 6.00 – 7.30 pm.
Gold Coin Donation.
Duncan Steele will be talking about two remarkable members of the Atkinson family and their Astronomical interests and their connection to Nelson. Arthur Atkinson, who built Fairfield House, observed the Transit of Venus in 1882, and in 1885 observed a total solar eclipse using his new Cooke 8″ Atkinson telescope. His great-nephew Harry Atkinson, had an asteroid named after him and held many high-level appointments, including Chairperson of the European Space Agency. The Browning 4 inch telescope, that was used to view the 1882 transit of Venus, will be on display.