Public nights at the Observatory

Public nights are held on each clear sky (or at least partly clear) Friday evening until the end of September, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, Cawthron Atkinson Observatory, Clifton Terrace School, Atawhai, Nelson.

Come along and observe the universe through our C14 telescope and our other, portable, telescopes. For the next few months, the only planets other than the moon which will observable in the evening sky will be Mars (and that will be out of view soon anyway), and then saturn will start to rise from about july. When the moon isn’t in the sky, there are a plenty of interesting nebulae (gas and dust clouds between the stars), star clusters and (on when the moon is not there, as they are faint and hard to see) galaxies to see.

The astronomy section has a couple of library telescopes are available for 1 week renewable loan with deposit and a short training session.

Public night admission charges to support the running costs of the observatory are (cash only) $5 per person, $15 families. Astronomy Section members free admission.

Private observatory group sessions for can also be arranged. For further information, please contact Hamish Barker, Astronomy Section Convenor, on 0226760897.