The science of the JFK assassination evidence

“The science of the JFK assassination evidence” Dr Duncan Steel
Date: March 20th
Venue: NMIT Room A211
Time: 7.30 – 9.30 pm.

Interest in the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas in
1963 is perennial, with debates over the facts and their interpretation being provoked from time to time, most recently when various previously-sealed reports were made publicly available late in 2017. Many people still believe there must have been a second gunman, rather than Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone and shooting from the Texas School Book Depository, behind the cavalcade.
In this talk I will outline scientific analysis of the available evidence, in particular the famous film made by Abraham Zapruder. This enables a determination of how many shots were fired, and precisely when; and also indicates there is no requirement for a second shooter firing from the front, on the famous grassy knoll.