Welcome to the webpage of the Nelson Science Society (NSS) and its constituent, the Astronomy Section. The NSS is a branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand and exists to promote science within the Nelson/Tasman region – we do this by holding regular scientific talks from a variety of experts throughout the year and by promoting science education in schools and colleges.

The Astronomy section is run as an independent constituent of the NSS and maintains its own program of events (see Astronomy Section pages for full details and newsletter). Please bookmark this website to see details of all upcoming events sponsored by the NSS and its Astronomy section (and other events of interest), and to see details of past activities etc.

As of July 2016 we have over 160 paid up members and a mailing contact list of over 700. If you have any interest in science either give us your e-mail address so we can send you details of our events or join our growing society. Science is alive and well in Nelson!

Climate Change – a reason for hope

Professor Peter Barrett will be giving a talk on ‘Climate Change – reason for hope’. Tuesday, November 14th NMIT, room A211, 7.30 – 9.00 pm. The “Thin Ice” film I helped make a few years ago shows how the basic science… Read More

The Hochstetter lecture

Dave Craw’s pdf on his very interesting Hochstetter talk is available for viewing here: Hochstetter 2017 Many thanks to the Geoscience Society for allowing us to put this on our website. Read More

We’re getting a new telescope!

The lovely 135 year old Cooke telescope, which is housed in the Cawthron Atkinson Observatory at Clifton Terrace School, is coming to the end of its useful life. Sadly, when parts fail they can’t be replaced and reluctantly the decision has been made to retire it. The telescope is being… Read More